Farm & Estate Auctions Sycamore, OH

Ned F. Gregg Realty, Inc. auction services help individuals and families in Central Ohio liquidate assets without sacrificing value. We generate a strong interest in our scheduled auctions through efficient promotions. When people know that valuable assets are to be sold on a specific date and time, they show up prepared to bid and buy.

The more interest we can generate in an auction, the greater the competition among bidders. That adds up to high selling prices and a much better return for the sellers. Our highly experienced auction services help liquidate assets for the highest possible selling prices.

Farm Auction Services

Whether a farm ceases operations or a farmer just wants to liquidate some of its assets, our farm auction services are among the best in the area. We have the necessary connections to effectively promote a pending auction. That helps to generate greater interest among potential bidders.

When people know that you have quality items that they could bid on and win, the interest grows rapidly. We can help farmers get the best possible value out of their equipment and other auctioned items. That helps farmers obtain newer equipment, pay off loans, and liquidate assets that they no longer need.

Estate Auction Services

An estate sometimes faces total liquidation when its owner passes on or just wants to divest the larger assets in a personal estate. We work with probate courts that seek to liquidate an estate and settle its finances. From appraisals to final sales, we can take care of your estate auction.

Our estate auction services include estate appraisal services that accurately assess the value of various assets. That helps you know the realistic value of an estate and its items prior to the auction. When auction day arrives, we do our best to generate high interest among motivated bidders to obtain the best possible sales amounts.

Home Auction Services

You might have an entire home that you want to liquidate. Whether you inherited it or just have one or more investment properties you want to sell, we can make it happen. We can hold pre-auction viewing and generate strong interest for the auction date. That will enable motivated buyers to arrive and have a fair chance at obtaining the property.

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