Central Ohio has many large and wonderful homes that have been around for many years. The area also is home to many newer homes that help to supply quality residences for buyers or renters.

Sooner or later, a home must be sold when the owner no longer needs it. If the home is an investment property that generates rental income, the owner might be looking to exit the rental market.

Some homes also are larger than the owners need. Maybe they had a large family and needed a large home for many years. But when the nest is empty, that big house can be more than older adults want to stay in and maintain. When a large home has served its purpose, many older adults choose to sell it. Selling a home could take a long time on a traditional market. But it is possible to perform a quick auction sale and get the current market value for a home that no longer is needed by its owner or owners.

Options for Homes for Sale

Ned F. Gregg Realty, Inc. can help you to sell your home in two ways. The traditional way through our efficient and professional real estate services is one way. We can list your home, schedule open houses, and show it to prospective buyers. The process could take up to several months. But the Central Ohio area is very popular and affordable for many homebuyers.

We also could arrange a home auction, which can help you to liquidate that asset much faster. If you have owned the same home for several decades, odds are you will obtain much more for it now than you paid for it when you first bought it. Even an auction could help turn your old home into a liquid asset and still fetch a fair market value.

Timely and Efficient Estate Sale Services

When it is time to move into a smaller home or liquidate long-held assets that no longer are needed, an estate sale is a terrific tool for making it happen. We have more than eight decades of experience preparing and conducting estate sales that generate lots of interest and participation among potential buyers. When buyers know a valuable item is selling on a particular date, they show up and drive up the bids and selling prices.